Impact Popup

Grab Your Visitors By The Eyeballs, Entice Your Prospects To Read Your Most Important Message, And Increase Your Profits With The Latest Technology ... "Impact Popups"!

I'll show you exactly how to do it with just a few simple point & click
  with my step-by-step video tutorials for the software -
even if you don't know a single line of HTML code!

Stop Press: Until the end of , this package includes
5 Separate & Very Unique Popup Creation software solutions,
Plus... an Audio Software to add Streaming Audio to Your Website.

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In today's fast-paced world, you have to make an impact fast! You only have a few seconds to grab your visitors' attention, or you risk losing them forever.

You need to control what your visitors see first, and without a doubt, the most effective way to do that is using popups. But, there's a problem...

According to a recent study, it is estimated that 86% of the visitors to your website have at least one pop-up blocker installed. And to make matters worse, most of the major Internet service providers, and almost every new web browser being released are including popup blockers too!

Were you one of the millions of marketers forced, against your will, to abandon one of your most effective advertising methods? It's time to fight back, and we're going to show you how to do it.


What if I could show you a way to capture your visitors' attention, entice them to read your most important message, and do it with just a few simple clicks?

Would that interest you?

It's no secret that popups are effective, but traditional popover solutions only work if your visitor doesn't have a popup blocker installed.

Most popup blocker technology works the same way. Almost all popup blockers look for any code that creates a new window, and then closes that window before it even has a chance to open. This seemingly harmless technology is blocking more than just a pop over, it's killing your profits!

"Impact PopUp" Uses Specialized Technology That Is Smart
Enough To Get Around Those Pesky Popup Blockers!

What you need to create effective instant popovers is something new. Something that is just as effective as a traditional pop over, but smart enough to not fall prey to popup blocking technology. That is exactly what "Impact Popup" does!

You see, this new method of creating dazzling instant pop-overs doesn't create a new window of any kind. In fact, it's actually part of your web page itself!

With "Impact Popups" you can rest assured that your sticky note popup will show up when you want it to, and convey your message to your prospect. Impact Popup bypasses the popup blockers and will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your messages will be seen.

What Can I Use "Impact PopUp" For?

If you want your visitors to know about it, Impact Popups are the answer. You can use Impact Popup notes to make sure your visitors know about:

  • Your Product's Most Important Feature - Highlight it in a sticky note popup and it will really make an impact!
  • Special Discounts Or Promotions - Everyone loves a sale, but only if they know about it.Impact Popup Box
  • An Important bodysmall - Build credibility from the minute a customer hits your website!
  • Contest & Sweepstakes Announcements - Who doesn't want to be a winner?
  • Product Updates - Displaying an "updated last week" message will skyrocket your sales.
  • Reminders - Let your prospects know that a new product is coming, or that a sale is ending so they'd better act fast!
  • Opt-in List Building - Tell your visitors about a free gift and your list will grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Traffic Control - Have an old domain that's still getting traffic? Make sure your visitors know where to go!
  • Up Selling & Cross Selling - Include a sticky popup note on your thank you page and grab your buyers while their credit card is still on the table!
  • Affiliate Product Promotion - Let your prospects know about new product launches the minute they get to your site.

Are you starting to see some of the many possibilities that Impact Popups will open up for you once you start using them? You will be able to show your visitors your most important message within seconds.

"Impact PopUp" Is Point-And-Click Easy.
If You Can Click, Copy, and Paste, You Can Do This!

"Impact PopUp" is a Windows™ application that will guide you through a simple five step point-and-click process for quickly and easily creating these dazzling, attention grabbing, instant popovers. Simply point, click, and create ... It really is that easy!

Impact PopUp - Step One

Choose from one of the 10 professionally designed, high-impact popup note graphics for your Impact Popup. Simply highlight the note popup template you'd like to use, and move on to step two.

Impact PopUp Screenshot 1

As you can see, "Impact Popup" includes the most popular pop-up note graphic styles, styles that have been proven to get your visitors' attention. These graphics allow your pop over note to appear as though it's almost magically floating above your website!

Impact Example One
Post-It™ Note (Optin Demo)
Impact Example Two
Taped Notebook Paper
Impact Example Three
"Ripped & Torn" Style
Impact Example Four
Thumb Tack Note (Timer Demo)
Impact Example Five
Special Offer Coupon
Impact Example Six
Paper-clipped "Post-It"™ Note


Impact PopUp - Step Two

Step two is where the magic happens. "Impact Popup" gives you full creative control over the look and layout of your note popup. In this step you can resize the graphic template to fit your website, choose whether or not to include a close button on your template, and add the text to the template.

"Impact Popup" allows you to use any font you wish! If the font is installed on your computer, you can use it in your popover note. You can also choose the color, position, and even the angle of all your text!

Impact PopUp Screenshot 2

Enter some text in the text box and click the "Add new" button. The text will appear on your popup. Click the "Add new" button again to paste the text a 2nd time, and then change your text message and font size, color, etc.. This will enable you to have several different sized and colored text excerpts in your sticky note popup, like you see in Example 6.

Everything is done with just a few clicks of the mouse. Drag and drop your text, resize the image with one click, and change font colors and styles with ease.

Impact PopUp - Step Three

After you've created the look for your sticky popup note, it's time to tell it how to act. Again, you have full control over your Impact Popup, and it's all configured with a few clicks of the mouse.

Enter the webpage or website url where you'd like your visitors to go when they click your Impact Popup, or you can simply have the popup note close when it's clicked. You can set the popup to open links to the same window, to a new window, or even have the sticky note popup close automatically after a few seconds.

You can also set the exact position where you'd like your Impact Popup to appear on your website. If your logo is on the left, just set the popup note to appear to the right ... it's that easy.

Impact PopUp Screenshot 3

And as an option, you can set a cookie on your visitor's computer so that your Impact Popup doesn't show up again during that browsing session, even if you have that same popup on multiple pages of your site.

Impact PopUp - Step Four

Once you've created your Impact Popup you'll get to see exactly how it will look and act on your website. This preview step allows you to eliminate any mistakes, and do it before your visitors ever see them.

This step takes all the guesswork out of the equation. If you're not happy with your Impact Popup note, just click the back button and make your changes.

Impact PopUp Screenshot 4

If you've set your Impact Popup to close after 7 seconds, you'll see that happen here. This is a true and accurate preview of how your sticky note popup will look on your website.

Impact PopUp - Step Five

The last step in the process is to add the "Impact Popup" code into an existing web page, and we've made this a snap too.

Simply browse your hard drive for the web page you'd like to add your Impact Popup note to and click the "Add popup" button. One line of code will be added to your webpage (just after the opening <body> html tag, although don't need to know html).

Once you click the "Add popup" button, everything will be done for you. You need only upload your page and the associated popup images folder created by Impact Popup to your web server, and in just a few seconds you're ready to go.

Or, if you prefer, you can save the graphics to your hard drive and the program will give you the code to insert anywhere in the body of your web page. I prefer the "Add popup" button as it removes the human error factor, but if you want to make the changes yourself, that's completely up to you.

Impact PopUp Screenshot 5

Once you're done, simply upload everything to your website and be ready to see your conversion rates go through the roof! As you can see, this really is an instant popover "point and click solution" that allows you to make a dramatic impact in seconds.


Step By Step Impact Popup Tutorial Videos Included

As you can see above, the Impact Popup note creator really is point and click simple to use. However, in the unlikely event that you might become stuck at any point using the program, you can refer to my Impact Popup tutorial videos which will take you step-by-step through the process:


Impact Popup Instructional Video Part 1

- 2min 42sec -


This video covers the options on Steps 1 and 2 of the Impact Popup note creator software.


Click Here To View

Impact Popup Instructional Video Part 1




Impact Popup Instructional Video Part 2

 - 2min 48sec -


This video covers the options on Steps 3 and 4 of the Impact Popup note creator software.


Click Here To View

Impact Popup Tutorial Video Part 2




Impact Popup Instructional Video Part 3

 - 4min 47sec -


This video covers the options on Step 5 of the Impact Popup note creator software.


Click Here To View

Impact Popup Tutorial Video Part 3


"Impact PopUp" Truly Crushes The Competition
And Stands Head-And-Shoulders Above The Rest!

Let's face it, in the software game, there are always competitors out there, but Impact Popup is the obvious choice. You just won't find another application that is as easy to use, and as feature packed as this outstanding application, especially for this exceptionally affordable price!

The software runs on a Windows™ based PC or laptop, and the sticky note popup files it creates are uploaded to your web server. Using this program gives you the peace of mind in knowing that you'll never have to worry whether your service provider is going to be around tomorrow.

All of the files required to make your Impact Popup work are stored on your own web server, so you're not at the mercy of another host. If your web site is online, your popup note will be online too.

And best of all, "Impact Popup" is the best value on the market. Unlike some of our competitors, you'll never have to pay a monthly fee. Once you purchase "Impact Popup", it's yours forever, without ever having to spend another penny.


Your satisfaction is important, and I guarantee it when you order Impact Popup. I back it with a no risk, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

If for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with Impact Popup, just contact me within 8 weeks and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No need for explanations or excuses, just let me know and I'll refund your full purchase price within 72 hours.

Start Using "Impact PopUp" Immediately, And Watch Your
Visitors' Response To Your Offers Shoot Through The Roof!

At this point you may be thinking... "Software that is going to give me such a huge advantage over my competition must be out of my budget?" After all, many of our competitors make you pay a monthly fee, pay for additional pop-overs, and even pay for bandwidth. Not here!

What if I told you that you could download, and instantly put the power of these eye-grabbing popups to use for less that $100? Would that be fair?

Well, I'm going to do even better than that! You're not going to pay $100, you're not going to pay $90, or even $80 ... If you order right now, you can download your copy of "Impact Popup" for only $47!

For a limited time during :

Only $17 inc Master Resale Rights and over $627 in bonuses!

Is That A Typo? Over $627 in Bonuses??
Nope. That's not a typo smile

For the low price of only $47.00 $17 you'll receive the powerful, feature-packed Impact Popup software that allows you to virtually reach through your visitor's screen and grab their attention! You'll be creating eye-catching, profit producing instant popovers for your web site in just minutes. Plus during this limited time you will also receive an insane additional $627+ in value as listed below...

Bonus 1 - Value $27


You Can't Block This v2

with Resale Rights

Value $27

 You Can't Block This

You Can't Block This version 2 is the latest generation dhtml hover ad technology. It allows you to fully control the content of your popup, because you create the webpage that you want the popup to frame.

Click For A Demo of a
You Can't Block This Popup here

I've used an optin form in the above example, but you could just as well embed an audio clip (see bonus #7: 'Web Audio Plus' which is also included in this package), or embed a YouTube or Video Web Wizard video clip into the popup.

Michael Ambrosio's You Can't Block This v2 will allow you to:


Determine how often a visitor will see your popover: every time the page is loaded or refreshed; or once per day; or only one time. Each user is cookied so the software knows whether your visitor has already seen your You Can't Block This floating ad or not.


Set an exit popup as visitors leave your website.


Add the required code to your webpages automatically, without you having to cut and paste it into your html.


Add unlimited / multiple popup pages to your site.


Rotate your hover ads to determine which is the most effective.


Set the dhtml popup so that it closes upon user click, or have it auto-close after a certain period of time (i.e. 7 secs or 7 mins - you determine the timeframe).


Your You Can't Block This floating ad will appear right in front of your visitors, no matter how far they have scrolled down your page before it appears.

No software installation is required. All you need do is click on the program file and it opens up and walks you step-by-step through creating your instant popover. And if you do get stuck, a link to a Help file is included.


What's included with You Can't Block This v2:


Resale Rights


Professionally designed/written sales letter (as above)


Professionally designed cover images and flat images


Available to you for download as soon as
you place your Impact Popup order!

Bonus 2 - Value $297


Fly-In Ads Creator

with Full-Master Resale & Re-Branding Rights

Value $297

 Fly-In Ads Creator

Fly-in Ads Creator is a HOT click-and-go piece of software written in perl that creates "Fly-in Ads", also commonly know as "Hover Ads", "Slide-in Ads", among several names.

As opposed to Impact Popups, you can include an opt-in form within your Fly-In Ad to capture subscribers. In fact, you can enter any html you want into your Fly-In Ad window, including custom images, etc..


Click Here to See a
Demo of a Fly-In Ad

- uses the Superior Auto-Responder by AWeber -


The Fly-In Ad Creator offers popovers that are not blocked by any pop-up blockers, which is the reason why this software is a very hot commodity on the market.


This software alone can make you lots of money. Some providers are charging monthly subscription fees to allow their members to create fly-in ads using this software.

 Apple Mac Compatible Popup Software Creator

Better yet, because Fly-In Ads are created via a web-based control panel, this makes the Fly-In Ads Creator one of the few Apple Mac compatible popup software creators on the market (of course it will also work if you're using a Windows™ based PC or laptop). Fly-in Ads Creator comes with the ability to create almost ALL kinds of "fly-in ads" to suit different purposes:


Autocapture name and email address, or even provide a subscription box for your newsletter.


Choose to load it once ever, once per session or every time


Use images (attractive designs)


Posting important notices


Delivering powerful short sales messages


Affiliate promotions





You can choose to use any of the attractive image designs or use your own images and create a custom look to fit any purpose.


What's included with Fly-In Ads Creator:


Full Private Label and Master Resale Rights


All source code files!


Professionally designed/written sales letter


Simple Installation and Rebranding Instructions


Professionally designed cover images and flat images


Professionally prepared audio and sales pitch ready for your sales page


Video demo specifically designed for use in your sales letter or as help file. This will drastically reduce support requests and boost your sales

Click here to see the Video Demo
of the Fly-In Ads Control Panel


What you can do with Fly-In Ads Creator


You get full rights to this software. You can re-brand it anyway you want, name it whatever you want and sell as many copies as you want!


Use it yourself and increase your website leads and sales conversions


Offer it as a free bonus with your existing product or service


Offer memberships to use this software for $37 - $67 per year


Sell it to end users without rights for $37 - $97!


Sell it with resell rights for $67 - $197!


Sell private labels with resale rights for $197 - $997!


Sell the source code itself for $997-$1997!

* These prices are just examples based on current market prices - you own this software, so you can set the prices at whatever you desire!

This software has been rigorously tested for over 2 years and 100% bug-free.


Bonus 3 - Value $37


2 years Membership Access To Our
"Fly-In Ads Creator" Control Panel

Fly-In Ads Creator


2yr's Access To Our Membership Area Enabling You To Create Your Own "Fly-in Ads" from our pre-installed control panel. Of course you also receive the Fly-In Ad Creator source code and files which will enable you to install the control panel on your own server if you wish, as per "Bonus 1" above.


Your access user name and password is emailed to you immediately after you place your order and have confirmed your email address.


Click Here to See a
Demo of a Fly-In Ad

- uses the Superior Auto-Responder by AWeber -


and if you like...


Click here to see video demo of the Fly-In Ad Control Panel


 Apple Mac Compatible Popup Software Creator

As stated earlier, the Fly-In Ads Creator is a web-based control panel. This makes it an Apple Mac compatible popup creator (which also works for Windows™ users of course).


As you will also receive the source code to this product, you can also install it onto your own server and offer a similar service if you choose.


Bonus 4 - Value $34.95


Armand Morin's PopUp Generator

with Full-Master Resale Rights

Value $34.95

Popup Generator by Armand Morin

Armand Morin's Popup Generator is a popup creator of another kind. It allows you to:

  1. Choose whether you want a Front Popover or an InBack Popup.

  2. Customize the size of your popup Windows

  3. Specify where your popup appears on your users screen

  4. Select what elements you want in your popup window:

    - Location Bar
    - Directories
    - Menu Bar
    - Tool Bar
    - Status Bar
    - Resizable
    - Scroll Bar
    - Dependant

  5. Decide if you want the popup to be Full Screen

  6. Select How you Want the Window to popup:

    - When Page Loads
    - Standard Link
    - Form Button
    - When page Unloads (i.e. on page exit)

PopUp Generator also lets you utilize cookie based popups


Have you ever navigated around a site and every time you came back to the main page the popup came up again. How annoying is that?


You don't have to put your customers and prospects through a popup nightmare. With Popup Generator, you can select the number of times a popup will show.


For example, you can set it to "0" and it will popup every time a person comes to the page. Set it to "1" and they will only see your popup once per day. Set it to "999" and they will never see your popup again.


You can totally control your customer's experience on your site!


Three simple steps to make your popups work.


1. Enter In Your Popup Configuration (the info described above)
2. Click "Generate Code"
3. Click "Test Code" (this actually pops up the window you created)
4. Click "Grab Code" (copy the code and place it in your web page)

Here is a screen shot of the actual software:


Armand Morin's Popup Generator



Also included is a Separate Software Program to generate the Codes to Close Your Windows!

Getting the window to open is half the battle. You must also give your customers and prospects a way to Close the window you have opened on their behalf.

PopUp Generator also comes with an application that allows you to generate the codes needed to close your Popups!

- Close Window with a Button
- Close Window with a Link
- Close Window Automatically with a Timer
- Close Window By Clicking an Image
- Close Window By Clicking Anywhere On The page!

As you can see PopUp Generator will give you everything you need to create instant pop overs.


Click the button below to see PopupGenerator in action,
and Pick Up $148 in Free Software At The Same Time



Or you can also use a text link for your popup instead of a button:

Pick Up $148 In Free Software With My Compliments



During this Limited Time Special Offer period, you will receive this additional Popup Creator as well as Master Resale Rights to it


What's included with Popup Generator:


Full Master Resale Rights


Professionally designed/written sales letter


Simple User Manual


Professionally designed cover images and flat images


Available to you for download as soon as
you place your Impact Popup order!

Bonus 5 - Value $27


Spinning Popup Generator

with Full-Master Resale Rights

Value $27

Spinning Popup Generator

The Spinning Popup Generator is an amazing, new, breakthrough type of DHTML popup that actually comes out of nowhere from your web page and spins its way into view over the page!

A Spinning Popup gets your visitor's instant and full attention as it grows from nothing into a full size hover ad in an amazing and spectacular spinning motion.

You simply make a few selections, click a button to have the code instantly and automatically generated for you, then follow the simple 'Code Installation Instructions' to copy and paste the code on your web page.


Click the link below to see Spinning Popup Generator in action,
and Pick Up $148 in Free Software At The Same Time


Pick Up $148 In Free Software With My Compliments

Note: Spin motion configured for Internet Explorer


Available to you for download as soon as
you place your Impact Popup order!


Bonus 6 - Value $191.88


All 4 Of Michael Rasmussen's Best Selling
Internet Marketing eBooks

** no rights with these - personal use only **

Value $191.88

 Michael Rasmussen's Ebook Marketing Revealed

Michael Rasmussen's eBook Marketing Revealed

Michael sells this 168 page eBook from his own site for US$47.97

Ted Ciuba has the following to say about it:

Ted Ciuba

I find eBook Marketing Revealed a great lead-in to starting your own business with low-cost, quick, easy-to-create ebooks on any subject matter. In very clear terms it surveys the entire process from idea generation, writing and compiling it, to putting money in the bank. It's a great resource. You'll especially like the various lists of sites you can visit to market your ebooks for free. Highly recommend!
Ted Ciuba
America's Foremost Internet Marketing Consultant



 Michael Rasmussen's Ezine Marketing Magic

Michael Rasmussen's eZine Marketing Magic


Michael sells this 148 page eBook from his own site for US$47.97


About Ezine Marekting, Michael says:

People are eager to learn about topics of interest to them, and Ezine subscriptions have now surpassed magazine subscriptions. In fact, they are the magazines of the online world today, delivered conveniently to subscriber's email boxes. Best of all, Ezines can:

* Drive targeted traffic to your site
* Increase your opt-in email list
* Increase your own credibility, as others see your expertise on a topic
* Give your online business valuable exposure that no other method can achieve

Ezines are the most effective marketing tool available today for online businesses.



 Michael Rasmussen's How To Start Your Own Highly Profitable Membership Website

Michael Rasmussen's
How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Membership Website

Michael sells this 191 page eBook from his own site for US$47.97

#1 Best selling Author Joe Vitale has the following to say about it:

Joe Vitale

"Finally! Finally someone has created a detailed plan on how to make money with membership sites. I've been waiting for someone to do this and relieved to see a fantastic method finally available for anyone smart enough to simply follow it. This is gold."

-Dr. Joe Vitale, President
Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"



 Michael Rasmussen's Search Engines Revealed

Michael Rasmussen's
Search Engines Revealed

Michael sells this 174 page eBook from his own site for US$47.97

Peter Twist has the following to say about it:

Peter Twist

"This excellent book is both in-depth and informative. If you want to gain precise and accurate knowledge of how to get a good listing in the search engines, I strongly advise you get to add this to your collection"

Peter Twist
Internet Marketing Lounge Radio Show


Bonus 7 - Value $37


Web Audio Plus

with Full-Master Resale Rights

Value $37

 Web Audio Plus

Many internet marketers extol the virtues of adding an audio message to your webpage as a means of making your offer more personal and building confidence with your website visitors.

Web Audio Plus does just this, and sells for $37 over at


With this offer I am not only giving you your own copy of Web Audio Plus, I will also give you Full Master Resale Rights to not only resell it, but to pass on the resale rights to others. Now you can add audio to your web site and:


Record high-quality Macromedia Flash files.


Record using your computer-with no need to buy expensive equipment.


Let your customers hear you without having to download special programs.


Let customers hear personal testimonials.


Sell this product and keep 100% of the profits. You will receive a webpage and sales copy very similar to the one at which you can upload to your own domain name and server to sell it from.

Available to you for download as soon as
you place your Impact Popup order!

Bonus 8 - Value $37


AdSense Revenue Exposed

by Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi

with Resale Rights

Value $37

 AdSense Revenue Exposed

Thousands of marketers really are making substantial incomes from Google's Adsense programme by placing Google ads on their websites.


In this special report, you'll discover...


An inside look into how Google
chooses the ads placed on your
website (crucial to the money
making process)


How to keep your competitors
ads from showing up on your website


How to let visitors search the
web from your site (and profit while they do it)


The trick to creating a website Google will love


How to format your ads to get the most clicks (and cash)!


Where to place your ads for maximum exposure (there's a technique to it)


The secret to using RSS feeds and Blogs to maximize your Adsense dollars.

And much more...

Available to you for download as soon as
you place your Impact Popup order!



You'd normally expect software such as Impact Popup, You Can't Block This, and the Fly-In Ad Creator with such a robust set of features to cost you three or four times as much, and that doesn't even take into account the monthly fees that some services charge. But with this offer there are no hidden fees, no monthly fees, and nothing else you ever have to buy.

For the one-time low price of only $47.00 $17 for a limited time during  you will be in complete control of creating your own high-impact, unblockable popups with the choice of five popup creation solutions,- each one suited for a particular task or function that you want to perform:

1. Impact Popup

2. You Can't Block This

3. Fly-In Ads Creator

4. Popup Generator; and

5. Spinning Popup Generator.

Create eye-catching sticky note popups with Impact Popup, or include email opt-in forms on your You Can't Block This or Popup Generator popups if you so choose, and add a personal audio message within your popups or to your website with the Web Audio Plus software! You're receiving over $627 in bonuses that are worth many, many... MANY times the meager $17 investment you need to own them all.

Plus you are covered for 8 Full Weeks with my 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose... except maybe this awesome package if you delay in ordering it. So order today:


Order Online Now Through Our Secure Server
instant access - online download
Order through PayDotCom & PayPal

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Contact & Customer Support

Your Impact Popup Software
Master Resale Rights Include

[YES] Sales page and graphics included
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus product
[YES] Sales letter and template may be edited
[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can sell resell rights to others



Order this package right now at the incredibly low price of only $47.00 $17 for a limited time during , start getting your message through to your visitors with Impact Popups, and start making an Impact where it matters the most ... your bottom line! Smile




P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk when you purchase the Impact Popup package right now at this very low price. You are covered by an 8 Week Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are at all unsatisfied within 8 weeks, just contact me here and I will fully refund you within 72 hours or less.

P.P.S. This $17 offer with over $627 in bonuses, and the Master Resale Rights included will not last forever! By offering all 5 popup packages with Master Resale Rights I might be creating competitors for myself who can simply buy this package, setup a website similar to this and also sell my popup solutions!

So if you leave it for a few days and return later to find me selling it for $47 minus some of these software bonuses, please recall that I gave you fair warning...

This is an "extreme value deal" and the time to take action is now whilst it is still available: Click here to order Impact Popup, You Can't Block This & Fly-In Ad Creator - over $627 in value - today for only $17



Impact Popup "How To" Video Part 1

- 2min 42sec -


This video covers the options on Steps 1 and 2 of the Impact Popup note creator software.


Click Here To View

Impact Popup Instructional Video Part 1




Impact Popup "How To" Video Part 2

 - 2min 48sec -


This video covers the options on Steps 3 and 4 of the Impact Popup note creator software.


Click Here To View

Impact Popup Tutorial Video Part 2




Impact Popup "How To" Video Part 3

 - 4min 47sec -


This video covers the options on Step 5 of the Impact Popup note creator software.


Click Here To View

Impact Popup Tutorial Video Part 3

System Requirements

  • The Impact Popup and You Can't Block This instant popover software programs are designed to run on a Windows™ based PC. The popups work on both MicroSoft™ Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers.

  • The Fly-In Ad software runs on your hosting account server, and therefore it is both Windows™ and Apple Mac compatible. You get two year's free access to create them via the control panel on our server in case you don't wish to install it on your own server. An installation instruction file is included. We do not provide any installation support. Fly-In Ads work on both MicroSoft™ Internet Explorer browsers as well as FireFox browsers.

  • The Popup and Spinning Popup Generator programs are designed to run on Windows™ based PC. These instant popovers, as well as any included optin form, will work on both MicroSoft™ Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers.

For a Limited Time during ,
Order Impact Popup, the Fly-In Ads Creator,
Popup & Spinning Popup Generators, AND WebAudioPlus

All With Master Resale Rights

Besides Improving Your Own Website Conversion Rates,
Here Are Some Additional Ways That You Can Profit From
The Master Resale Rights To This Package


  • If you have an opt-in list of your own, you could easily send off a quick email telling your list about these great new products. The response to incredible products like these could quickly generate a nice burst of sales.

  • You could use these products as bonuses that will add real value to an existing package you're already selling. Adding high-quality bonuses drive the value of your product through the roof!

  • Instantly capitalize on your existing clients by turning this into an upsell, or a backend product.

  • Use either of these products as the basis for a brand new package. Take advantage of the other resell rights you've purchased and put together the mother of all offers!

  • Create a membership site with the Fly-In Ads Creator and sell monthly or annual subscriptions to the service, or create and sell personalized branded versions of the software for others (because you'll receive the source code for Fly-In Ads).

  • ... And that's just the start. There are so many ways you can make money by owning the resale rights to these products. But remember that the package you see today is only being offered for a limited during , and I reserve the right to change it thereafter.

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